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Blizzlike + Custom content do not affect a game Stable team Guildhouses Unique events Functional transmogrification Teamspeak server for all Own teamspeak místnost for your guild Normal i Heroic dungeons
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WoTLK - 3.3.5a (build 12340)

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Playing without lags

3server has minimal lag with superior connectivity and hardware, providing the convenient gaming experience.

Blizzlike content

For fans of official high quality gaming + custom content, which doesn't affect regular gaming locations (Rohlíkov event town, Custom Guild Content, GuildHouses with guild quests, Ice event with daily quests). Server is online 24/7 for the best WoW adventure!

Oldest WoW server in Czech Republic

Thanks to many years of experience we were able to create a FREE first class server which allows you to enjoy unique gameplay.

About 3server

3Server is the absolute top in the care of your game data on the Czech WoW. The eldest active World of Warcraft server in the Czech Republic.






years in service



What will server offer you extra in our custom content?

The town called Rohlikov, where you will find much of fun and rewards

Elaborate VIP system

Automatic guildhouse system

Guild leveling system

Working transmogrification

Arena spectator

Razorfen Down for HC difficulty(80level).

And lot of other waiting for us!

Team 3Server continuously evolve!

Aktivně vyvíjíme nový WoW server s datadiskem Legion! Už se těšíte? Věříme, že ano!

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